Sunday, October 24, 2010

Northfield, MN

About a month ago, downtown Northfield experienced record-high flood waters when the Cannon River overflowed its banks. Missy and I had wanted to take a day trip there before the flood happened, but the flood pushed our plans back a little. When we found out the stores were back open, we made a date to visit the town.

We went yesterday and spent the whole day there looking at all of the inspiring and beautiful stores held within the small downtown area. We also happened to be there while the farmers'/art market was being held. There were only a few vendors left this late in the season, but they were really friendly and Missy and I both found a few things we liked. I got to talk canning and preserving with Luigi and Missy got to talk embroidery with Nick.

One of the main draws for us to go to Northfield was a store called Digs. It is a combo store with carefully selected fabric, a smattering of yarn, new and vintage notions and inspiring selection of books, gifts and crafty items. I enjoyed being in the store and especially loved the fun displays.

We ended up catching a bite to eat from Hogan Brothers because their fresh-baked bread could be sniffed all up and down the main street area and we couldn't resist the allure.

One of the best things about the selection of shops was that they were a good mix of ready to buy art and crafts and options for buying supplies for creating your own. I was especially impressed with the bead store. They had a great selection and an amazing class list. While we browsed the shop, they were holding a class on Kumihimo braiding that I would have loved to be taking. I will surely be going back there to take a class in the future.

And, towards the end of our time there, I found a "one of a kind" reclaimed wood bench that had to come home with me. I'm planning on doing a little work to it and cleaning it up, but will keep the basic rough, worn wood look of it.

I may not have been able to make it to Rhinebeck this year, but I am finding other fun ways to get my fill of creative input. Thanks for the great company, Missy!

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