Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lacto-Fermented Curried Carrots

The garden is nearly done for the year. Last weekend we pulled up the root veggies. We did not treat them right, so they didn't grow very big and strong. I am sensing a theme in my planting style: plant them close together and don't baby them. Unfortunately, that approach yields tiny carrots and beets.

Next year I will thin them so they have more space. I will also do a better job of prepping the soil so that it is the right mix of sand and clay and so that it is loose enough for those roots to grow down. For this year, I have many tiny, stubby carrots.

I also let the cilantro go to seed and then dry out in the garden. This wasn't necessarily intentional, but as it turns out, it was useful! Cilantro is also known as coriander and I just happened to know of a recipe that combines carrots and coriander!

I separated the seeds from the plant and measured them out.

Then, I shelled some cardamom seeds.

I mixed them all together along with some other spices, some garlic slices and a halved and seeded cayenne pepper which also grew under neglected conditions in our garden.

We grew two varieties of carrots this year. The Carnival variety yields some gorgeous and vibrant carrots.
I put the carrots into the jar with the spices, leaving some of the roots on the smallest carrots. I didn't peel any of them since they were all so small. These are currently fermenting on the counter with the help of some kefir whey and salt. I still owe you a post about kefir! Soon. Soon, I will get that one together. I've opened the jar once so far and it bubbled, so I must be doing something right!

I was lucky enough to score a jar of Kim's Cultured Curried Carrot Sticks at a previous food swap, so I know of their potential. If mine turn out anything like her batch, I will be a happy rabbit.

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