Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn Walks

When I haven't been at home with my legs taped up, I have been relishing the fall weather before it turns cold and white here in Minnesota.  I've been loving dog walks with Tchazo and Paul and oftentimes have scheduled walks with friends as a way to catch up while getting some air and some exercise.  In Minneapolis we are very fortunate when it comes to picturesque walking options.  These pictures are from Lake Calhoun on a dreary day.  Sally and I took a drizzly walk together, which meant we had the place nearly to ourselves.  Considering Lake Calhoun is usually teeming with people, this was a particularly special treat. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Lunchtime walks have been an option, too.  Again, I am grateful to work near the Mississippi River where there are wonderful views and cute commercial areas to wander around during my break.

There has also been a lot of rain this fall, which is what our ground really needs after a very dry summer.  Sometimes it puts a damper on the walking joy, though.  This picture was taken while Paul, Tchazo and I stood at the backdoor a bit sad that we had to skip our walk that evening.

Most of my walks have been evening walks with Paul and Tchazo after we get home from work.  As the sun sets earlier, the shadows at this time of day get longer and longer.

I don't always have my camera along on these walks but sometimes I do.  Paul and Tchazo have to be patient since I make frequent stops with the camera.  However, this picture was a practice picture in a kinnearing style so no stopping was needed:

A special joy of autumn walks are the sounds.  The wind in the trees rattling the leaves and then, the joy of the crunching sounds when you step on them are top of my list!

Be warned, children of Longfellow, if you leave your ball in the street my dog will assume it is his and bring it home.

He is always mighty proud to have found such a prize and is developing a little collection of stolen toys.  He doesn't have a lot of opportunities for adventure left in his life so even though a feel a tiny bit guilty about it, I am happy to let him keep his found treasure.

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  1. I LOVE that Tchazo has a collection of stolen toys! Too funny!


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