Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Well, hello!  I have been fully enjoying summer so far. I keep meaning to share some stories and pictures, but the sun is out for so long that I keep go-go-going and then, when the sun sets, it is time to take care of a few things inside and go to bed.  Until I find a bigger time slot for sitting, processing photos and conjuring some more words, here is a quick summary of my summer so far. 

There has been strawberry picking and processing...20 pounds turned into strawberry rhubarb jam (recipe from Gourmet Preserves Chez Madelaine ), dehydrated strawberries and frozen strawberries.

Tons of bike rides!  I am bike commuting this year and trying to run as many errands and turn as many friend dates into bike rides as I can.  The Trek bike my dad gave me for a high school graduation gift is still going strong!

Chickens!  They live in a coop now!  Paul did an amazing job building their home.  We are still working on the interior decorating, fine tuning the food/water arrangement and finishing the last bits of the project, but it is fully functional and they love it!

They also love clover.  It is their favorite.

Speaking of favorites...I have one.

My garden is going strong. We have been eating salads and mustard greens and will soon have peas!  I also enjoy a cup of fresh mint tea from time to time.

I have been doing lots of fun things with friends like a backyard tea party, dinner on the back deck, walks to the local cafe for ice cream cones, bike rides and dinner at the beach, rooftop craft parties, chicken meet and greets and long walks through parks filled with great conversation.  Ah, summer, you are awesome.

I just passed the 1 year anniversary of the health drama and I am so utterly happy to share that things are going well on that front.  I have been conservative when it comes to what I allow myself to be exposed to and it is paying off!  Three cheers for that!

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