Sunday, May 22, 2016

Costa Rica - Orosi Valley

After we bid farewell to the lovely coastal town of Puerto Viejo, we began the many-legged journey to the Orosi Valley. Our journey included a long van ride through many switchbacks, a stop for a meal at a roadside restaurant, a visit to San Jose and 2 public buses.

The Orosi Valley is an agricultural area nestled between 3 large volcanoes. The view below was from the window of our room at the MontaƱa Linda Guesthouse.

Our room also came with a very friendly feline visitor. I think Jessy and I were both starting to miss our pets so snuggles with this sweet kitty were a nice bonus.

And, beautiful sunrises!

The town was very small and off the beaten path. There weren't a lot of attractions but it was fun to wander around the town and create a few good memories during this part of the trip.

How beautiful is this collection of plants that was planted outside of someone's house! I recognize so many of these as common house plants in the US. We couldn't grow any of these outside!

This little pup was just daring someone to drive down his road.

Orosi Church is the oldest church in the country that is still in use today. It also provides a welcome respite from the intense midday sun.

At this point in the trip, Jessy and I were both feeling a bit under the weather, so the mellow pace of this town and the beautiful scenery in all directions suited us quite well. Although, we might have been a little homesick for the peaceful solitude of our rainforest abode from Puerto Viejo. This small town came with a whole different soundtrack, including some bumping music, produce vendors that function a little like ice cream trucks and barking dogs.

The best part of Orosi deserved a post of its own, so I have one more post to go before the trip is complete!

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