Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Project 365: Day 12

Inspection Day

Inspection day was stressful. The inspection took a total of 3-1/2 hours! I now know that the basement is a very, very important part of a house. I also know that cracks and sagging can be bad. I want to be excited that this might be our house, but the might part is holding me back. We are going to need to go through another round of inspections with a contractor to address a potentially big issue. If it is a big issue, we might not proceed with this house. If it is a minor issue with the option of addressing it a year or two down the line, we will proceed. There are also a few other hitches that will need to be addressed with the seller as well. Best case scenario is that those 3-1/2 hours were a very informative introduction to our house. Worst case scenario is that those hours were an expensive lesson in how a house works.

The inspector took photos of every potential issue with the house, so I had to take one to highlight something nice and pretty. See the pretty window? It will all work out fine, just look at the pretty window. Oh yeah, and we still have bank and appraisal hoops to jump through, too!


  1. oh i'm sorry babe...unfortunately that's how it works! you will be seasoned pros on house-buying when this is all over. i am hoping that it's minor and you can proceed as planned with your purchase!!! good luck!

  2. The right house will come and it will be perfect for you guys. That might be this house, or it might be something even better down the line. Everything happens for a reason. I hope that it turns out to be do-able and that you soon become HAPPY, and well-informed, homeowners. Best wishes! And yes, the window is beautiful. It is the little details that really add character.

  3. Sending all my good vibes toward your potential new abode ... hope those problems turn out to be minor ...


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