Sunday, April 19, 2009

Project 365: Day 16

April Crafternoon (Happy Birthday Tchazo and Baby N)

Sally, Jill and I enjoyed a great afternoon of crafting today. I realized partway through the afternoon that it was Tchazo's birthday. We gave him some attention, some treats and called it a celebration.

We also had cause to celebrate when I tuned into the LambCam for some show and tell. I noticed one of the nannies was acting strangely. Turns out Nanny McPhee was in labor and we were able to watch the birth of the newest baby angora goat at the Fiber Farm. Talk about excitement! The gang at the farm kindly corralled the nanny into a pen right near the camera so all of the internet fans could be witness to the event.


  1. This photo really cracks me up. Clearly, Tchazo has the floor.

  2. All hail the Mighty Tchazo! Many happy returns!

    Sadly, the LambCam breaks my browser... Must know: Was there a twin or not?


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