Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Summer Flies

More shawls! This one is a summery one. Summer Flies, actually. I knit this one in Berroco's Pure Pima yarn.

The different stitch patterns were fun to knit yet left me really craving charted instructions. It has been a while since I have relied on solely written directions for lace work and I had not realized how much of a chart knitter I have become!

I added a few repeats and an extra band of an improvised stitch pattern before increasing for the ruffled edge. I made the modifications both to give it a little bit more length and to use the entirety of the 2 skeins I had bought for the project.

The "flies" part of the pattern name comes from the little butterflies stitched in, I am guessing.

The ruffled edge was finished off with a picot bind-off. Picot takes a long time but it is totally worth it. I really like how it makes the edge look finished yet still allows it to flutter and move.


  1. When I saw this post, I literally said out loud, "Oh, I love this one." That is a seriously great shawl. You are on a roll!

  2. Wow! All these shawls are really beautiful. Great work!

  3. Beautiful! I really like this, and love the color.


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