Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The shawl fixation continues! I recently finished an Annis shawl.

The shawl is worked from the lacey edges in towards the middle. The horseshoe shape is formed by short rows. The firm bind-off edge helps the shawl keep its shape.

The only part of this shawl that I did not enjoy were the nupps. Going from 1 stitch to 7 stitches and back to 1 again was crazymaking! I ended up using a crochet needles to turn those 7 stitches back into 1. With my workaround, the nupps were bearable. Unfortunately, my nupps are lost in the color of the yarn.

Despite the nupp issues, I loved knitting this pattern. I loved it so much that ever since I finished it, I've been wanting to knit another one.

I was given this yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Merino) as a gift a long time ago and finally found a good pattern for it other than socks. It seems that the colors were made for my mom! She took the photos of me above and then took a turn trying it on herself. She couldn't resist the urge to brainstorm other ways you could wear the horseshoe shaped shawl.

In fact, prior to trying this shawl on, she was not a fan of shawls. It turns out she was operating from a very narrow definition of shawls. I think she is a convert now!

I will definitely be knitting this pattern again.

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