Sunday, November 28, 2010

DIY Holiday Weekend

What a luxury to have a 4 day weekend! Paul and I spent Thanksgiving visiting our families, with a stop at his relatives in the morning and the afternoon with my relatives.

Other than that, we left the time open to do things on a whim. We made good food. (This salad dressing is great!) We worked on projects around the house. I realized that I had not watched a movie since June, so I watched 2 movies. I read an entire book.

Of course, I knit. I started knitting socks for my dad's Christmas gift, blocked a gift for an upcoming baby shower and sorted through my button tins to find buttons for a few recently finished projects. One of those projects was the Rosamund Cardigan. It will get its own full post as soon as I sew on the buttons. For now, let me just remark upon that bleeding! I soaked and rinsed it multiple times and it just seemed like more dye was coming out with each washing. I hope it doesn't stain the clothes I wear it with!

Photo by Sally

And, last but not least, I had time to try out some new places with friends. Jill, Missy and I spent Black Friday hunkered down in a cozy coffee shop, knitting and talking. It was a great way to spend the day, made significant by the knowledge that while others were participating in a buying frenzy, we were spending quality tine together, creating things stitch by stitch. The next day I got to meet up with Sally at a newish cupcake bakery, where we ate some sweets and got caught up. Since I changed jobs, Sally and I haven't been able to have our weekly lunch date, which meant we had a lot to catch up on.

In just a few days, I have managed to turn my sleep schedule upside down. I know I will pay the price tomorrow morning but it was so worth it. And, on that note, good night!


  1. Holy bleeding, Batman!

    Did you try a vinegar soak?

  2. I have not tried vinegar. That is a good suggestion, though. Thank you!


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