Sunday, July 17, 2011

MPLS Swappers' July Swap

Last weekend marked the 4th swap for MPLS Swappers. This once a month swapping schedule is keeping my fridge so well stocked with homemade goodies!

Our swap hostesses Mandy and Kim deserve some major props for pulling this one off! When we arrived at the swap, we found the doors to the site locked and a note directing us to head down the block to the park. Apparently, the locked doors were what Mandy and Kim found, too! They found a way to make the swap happen anyway and, in the end, the outdoor swap was probably a better fit for the super hot day then the non-air conditioned site would have been. With a rather hodge podge, yet functional assortment of picnic tables, benches and blankets on which we spread out our wares and a storm that patiently held off, the swap went wonderfully.

This month's swap included a lot of new swappers (and returning swappers) who went all out with packaging. Among the many beautiful items, the lemon confit in the photo up top was a real eye catcher and so were these cute herb assortments.

I didn't end up with one of these precious bottles of peppermint extracts, but I did get the scoop on how to make a batch myself. My mom bakes phenomenal chocolate peppermint bars for Christmas each year. Maybe this year I can have some extract ready to use in her recipe.

Some red, white and blue action going on with the red velvet cakes. I am starting to think everything looks prettier when presented in a canning jar!

I've been hearing a lot about preserved watermelon rinds, so I was happy to finally taste one. From the recipes that I have seen, watermelon rind pickles are a total labor of love.

There were so many other phenomenal goods there, too! Well done, MPLS Swappers!

For the sake of my memory, here is what I brought to the swap and what I took home with me:

Dried oyster mushrooms
These mushrooms were from this foraging excursion.

Wood Butter

In exchange, I brought home:
  • 1/2 dozen backyard eggs
  • Rhubarb Raspberry Peach Jam
  • Strawberry Jam
  • Balsamic Strawberry Jam
  • Thai Coconut Curry Hummus
  • Mulberries
  • Organic Strawberry Peach Ginger Jam
  • Poppyseed Bagels
  • Chocolate Beet Cupcakes
  • Baguette


  1. I am always so impressed by the contributions to this swap by you and the others. I love the concept and the execution just steps it up a whole set of notches.

  2. This is amazing, as always. And I like the little owly stamp on your mushrooms. Is it from Paper Source? I love that little guy. :)

  3. Fun stuff! I really need to make it to another swap :)

  4. Great recap Trinity! I always love reading your swap descriptions. :) I shared the link in the latest MPLS Swappers blog post. YAY! And I can't wait to go blueberry picking with you...just thinking about it, I need to respond to your email! I'm such an email slacker sometimes. :)

  5. Thanks for the comments. I do love swapping and I am glad you are keen on it, too.

    Missy, You are welcome to take part, too.

    Beth, I think it is! Good eye!

    Kala, Come in August!

    Kim, I think we are in luck for blueberry picking, weather-wise. This heat should break by then.

  6. Trin, did you know that MPLS Swappers' was featured in the recent edition of MN Monthly:
    Of course, I thought of you! Made some interesting points!


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