Wednesday, July 6, 2011


My friend Jamie had her baby, which is a mixed blessing. She wasn't due for quite a while, so it wasn't so good that little Violet came when she did. But, before Violet came, Jamie's water had broken and she was on strict bed rest in the hospital. So, in that sense, it is good that Jamie only had to spend 2 weeks confined to a hospital bed rather than the 6 weeks they were aiming for. Born at 30 weeks, Violet is doing really overachiever already. Mom and Dad are proud!

After I was sure I wasn't harboring any summer sniffles, I was able to go and visit Violet in the NICU (talk about high security!). I brought with me these tiny colorful booties, which are still way too big (pattern here, Ravelry project here). Violet has some growing to do before she can go home, don a tie dye onesie and wear these booties. Grow, Violet, grow!

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow! Such tiny booties. Welcome to the world, Violet. Keep growing now. :)


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