Saturday, September 24, 2011

Purple Revolution

Circular Shawls = luscious, versatile, perfect

The great thing about circular shawls is that you don't have to pick if you want your front or your back to be covered. You can have both!

Ever since making my Vortex shawl and wearing it for a while, I have been sold on this shape. If you are someone who doesn't like a lot of fabric around your neck, this probably isn't the shape for you. I like how wrapped up and cozy this shape feels.

This shawl is made from the Industrial Revolution pattern. It is made from the center out. When I got towards the edges, I was worried about running out of yarn, so I skimped on a few repeats of the last column section. Turns out I had enough and could have followed the pattern. I think it is big enough, so I am ok with the change.

Blocking out those "gear" edges meant a pin for each point. 7 pins per gear by 16 gears equals 112 pins! I think the blocking efforts were worth it, though. The gear edging strikes my fancy. This shawl is for me and I plan to wear the heck out of it, alternating between the Vortex and the Revolution this fall and winter.

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