Friday, September 23, 2011

SLC Herbivore Shawl

I will soon be on my way out, heading to a knitting retreat. It will be the perfect way to celebrate the first official weekend of fall! Since I have knitting on the brain again, I realized I've been holding out on you when it comes to posting my recent F.O.s. Well, I will make it up to you this weekend with a set of posts about shawls.

I love shawls. In fact, I love them so much that I very rarely wear anything around my neck that is a traditional scarf shape anymore. I find the bulk and shape of shawls much more comfortable and cozy and warm (and way more fun to knit!). I especially like shawls that are horseshoe or circular as I find those to be great shapes for wrapping around my neck and still covering my shoulders.

One of my favorite shawl designers is Stephen West. I've found his patterns to be well written with interesting shapes and construction. I love that the resulting shawls are unusual yet there tends to be enough repetition in the patterns that I can get my bearings and not have to continually consult the pattern as I knit.

This shawl is made following the Herbivore pattern. I used some Fleece Artist yarn that has been in my stash for years. This project was actually knit in January on my trip to see Becky. It made for excellent travel knitting. Somehow it took 2 weeks to knit and 8 months to photograph! Now that I have finally documented it, this shawl will be gifted to a friend.

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