Thursday, September 19, 2013

A Rooster on Her Shoulder

So, about those dad has some.  Part of his flock is meant for butchering (sad for me, tasty for him) and part will become a laying flock.  He got them as chicks this spring, so they aren't laying yet.

Tchazo got to meet chickens for the first time.  He was enamored/curious at first.  They were neither.

His expression was hilarious.  "What the heck are these things? Why are they flailing and squawking?"  After he met them, he moved on to other things pretty quickly, which was exactly what we were hoping for.  He even got to meet a rooster outside of the pen when my cousin Kendra came over to spend time with her feathered friend Nugget.

Nugget is very well socialized so he stayed rather calm yet weary around Tchazo.  Tchazo treated him in kind, keeping a good 2-3 foot perimeter away from Nugget.

We especially enjoyed feeding the chickens scraps from our dinner.  Here was the sequence of events:

Paul and I are getting really excited about the prospect of our own small flock so it was great to spend more time around chickens.  Plus, the weekend after our visit to my Dad's house, we went on the Twin Cities Chicken Coop Tour.  I'll tell you about that next!

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  1. Oh yes, from our couple of days on the farm this summer, I can agree that feeding scraps to the chickens is too fun! They get so excited. Can't wait to hear about the Chicken Coop Tour! What a great idea!


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