Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Great Minnesota Get Together - Part 2

When last I left you, we were on our way back to the Minnesota State Fair for the evening.  We popped back into the food building to get that one thing I had wanted during the day but didn't have room to eat: lefse with cinnamon and sugar!

We stopped by our friend Jason's spin-a-painting booth and then to the grandstand we went.

During the first opening act, we were treated to a lightning show as a storm blew in.  We were also treated to a performer who repeatedly called our city "Minndianapolis", but that is beside the point.  I am guessing he was pretty flummoxed by the sudden oohs and aahs in the audience as we saw the lightning strikes behind the stage. Not surprisingly, after the performer finished, the stands were evacuated due to lightning.

Luckily we had some entertainment with us.  I knit and Paul read while we camped out inside the grandstand for an hour or so, waiting for the show to go back on.

After everyone took their seats again (in the rain), there was another opener and then, finally, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took the stage!

The Macklemore performance was playful and fun, but I now know that I am too old for giant stadium shows.

Paul, who wasn't keen on the concert to begin with, was incredibly patient and probably also incredibly thankful when I suggested we duck out early.  We got to listen to the encore as we left the fairgrounds and it was mighty nice to catch the bus before the masses of 20-somethings exited the fair.

I'd sum up the very long day at the fair as an experience I am glad I had, but not one I plan to repeat anytime in the future.  It was way out of my bubble, but sometimes it is good to check in on what else is out there.

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