Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Shift Into Winter

We are there.  We have reached that time of year where there is just a teeny, tiny sliver of light left at the end of the work day.

The time of year where super strong, dark beer is utterly satisfying.

The time of year where craft sales abound (this one is Craft'za).

Even though we are past summer and nearly past fall, it is still nice to partake of those last few summery opportunities like eating from a food truck and making jam with a friend.  Gastrotruck is a favorite of mine.

Sarah made her very first batch of jam.  Raspberry Rose Jam is a good recipe to start with.  Heck, it is just plain good!

Steaming hot popovers and applesauce make for an appropriate breakfast when you've reached the point in the year where your wool sweaters are in regular rotation and the fall coats aren't thick enough to face the cold wind.

At this time of the year, winter squash, potatoes and carrots are in regular rotation for home-cooked meals.

Seared brussels sprouts are also commonly spotted in various dishes.

And, the knitting!  Let's not forget that we have reached that time, too.  When the garden goes dormant, the needles pick up speed.  The cat loves the readily available lap time.  That is her grey bum in the background.

I know that in this part of the world it will only get darker and colder before it gets brighter and warmer, so I am going to keep reminding myself of the wonderful things that come along with winter.  For me that means permission to slow down, to nourish myself through hearty homemade food, through sewing and knitting and through shared time with the other brave souls who inhabit this northern community.

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