Thursday, November 28, 2013

Whirlyball Birthday

Have you heard of whirlyball?  I hadn't either until my sister decided that is what her heart desired for her birthday celebration.

The first step to whirlyball is to sign away your life.

And then you strap yourself into a bumper car like contraption called a whirlybug.  You also have a scoop.  Here my mom and Roger are waiting for the ref to drop the whiffle ball down so that the game can begin.

The floor supplies power to the whirlybugs so you have to stay in your bug the whole time or else you might die (now you know why you sign away your life before you play!).  The photo above was during our game.  The red team (my team!) is trying to score.  I was slacking and taking this photo.  Each team tries to score points on the other in a clutzy, somewhat violent manner.


It was actually A LOT of fun.  I was surprised by how competitive and into it all of us got!  Our hour on the court went by really fast.

The birthday girl also got to open presents (with enthusiasm!).

I decorated the to-go box from the bakery (pumpkin whoopie pies!) and stuck candles in it in lieu of a full-on cake.

Hopefully the make-shift "cake" does not impact the likelihood of Jessy's wishes coming true.  It was good that she had one candle left burning after blowing them out, since that gentleman on the left is her boyfriend Fabrizio.  (Do you have that tradition where you live?  The one where the numbers of candles left burning on your cake indicate the number of boyfriends you have?)

Happy, happy birthday, Jessy!  You are a fun sister.


  1. I would be in trouble if that was a tradition in our family, at 56 years of age, I would have many, many candles still burning. Never heard of a WhirlyBug. Glad you had a fun day.

  2. I've never heard of this. Sounds fun.

  3. Lovely photos and what exciting time you must have had. Adults who play games get sometimes even more excited than children and that's great!


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