Monday, January 13, 2014

Middlemoon Creekwalk

Winter display outside of 3 Kittens Needle Arts
Hooray for more bearable winter temperatures in my part of the world!  After this past week's extreme sub-zero temperatures and even lower wind chills, this weekend's temps around freezing felt amazing.  Judging by the number of other people that were also out and about running errands, walking dogs and socializing, everyone was getting pretty tired of hunkering down!

Love Verdant Tea's tasting room
 In addition to all of those things I mentioned above, I also fit in a spontaneous winter activity.  Thanks to a heads up from Missy, I heard about Middlemoon's Creekwalk in time to catch it this year.  The people from Middlemoon take it upon themselves to install lit ice sculptures along a walking path that connects a popular Minneapolis lake with Minnehaha Creek.  I headed there after dark on Saturday with camera in hand to capture a few of the lanterns.

It was a fun addition to my weekend.  Even though the temps were much warmer than earlier in the week, my little luminary adventure still turned me into Red-Nosed Trinity.

I hope your weekend involved a little time outside, too.  The fresh air and big sky is rejuvenating!

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  1. Hi there! Such a creative idea this one with the ice sculptures and your photos look great like always of course :)


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