Thursday, January 9, 2014

Tchazo's Cowl

Remember how I said I was going to knit Tchazo a cowl since he has floppy, almost furless ears and it gets insanely cold here?   He took to his coat and shoes just fine and the same held true for his cowl.  He doesn't mind it at all!

I used some stash yarn that was leftover from other projects.  He got a fancy merino wool cowl made out of kettle dyed wools.  Only the best for this old guy :)

I picked a stitch pattern from Barbara Walker's A Treasury of Knitting Patterns.  I think I used Three-and-One Tweed.  I modified it to work in the round and, in his collar area, increased it to a 4 and 1 pattern to give him a little extra ease there.

It has been working really good for him and totally makes me smile.  He looks part little old granny, part big bad wolf and part little red riding hood when he is decked out in all of his outerwear.  We aren't the only ones that find it amusing as we have had quite a few people comment on it when we walk him in the neighborhood.  Everyone seems amazed that he isn't putting up a fuss about it.  I think he is happy to have the extra warmth!

This got done just in time, too.  The weather during the earlier part of this week was record breaking.  It was bitterly cold with windchills at negative 40-50 F.  The actual temps were below zero for multiple days in a row.  So yeah, my dog wears a cowl now.


  1. Tchazo is one warm and classy pup. Bailey, our Whippet Mix wears a coat, wish she would wear the booties. Our three year old, Borador, named Riley passed away suddenly the day after Christmas from a blood clot. Miss him so much. Our two other dogs are lost without him. They are 15 and 13 yrs. of age. It is so tough when you loose a family member.

    1. Oh, Mary Lynn! I am really sorry to hear that. It is hard to lose a pet under any circumstance but that must have been a shock. 3 years old is just too soon.

    2. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


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