Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year!

2015! As Crafternoon tradition dictates, I welcomed the first day of the new year with friends, knitting, tea and great food. Although not well documented, I assure you the year was properly greeted with a potluck brunch that favored the sweet over the savory.  After the sugar-filled month of December, I think savory was what we were all craving.

This year I made beaded stitch markers as a gift to Crafternoon attendees. We usually have a mix of crafts, but this time everyone who came was a knitter so I hope the stitch markers bring a little sparkle to their notion bags. Inspiration credit goes to Jamie who, years ago, made me a set of beaded stitch markers that inspired this beadworking session of my own.

I am making a sweater for Paul, which marks the second such occasion in the 12 years we have been together.  Between the holiday driving time and crafting gatherings, it has been coming along quickly! 

With 2015, came a surprise.  Another of our chickens started laying! We are supplementing light in the coop but doing so conservatively.  A timer prompts the light to go on at 3am and off at 4pm, giving them about 13 hours of light.  That amount of light is a bit shy of what is recommended to force laying. With that choice, we thought it unlikely that the other hens would start laying until the spring. Surprise! The addition happened this week and so far we have had 2 days where we have gotten 2 eggs.

I am thinking it is Camilla that has started laying because I am still holding out hope that Petunia will lay blue/green eggs. So far we can tell the difference between the eggs from the 2 layers due to slight differences in color, size and shape of the egg shells. As they settle into their rhythm, it is a rare day where we don't get an egg. With our newly acquired riches, I think it is time we start delving into the egg book Paul got for his birthday!

I hope this year provides you with happy surprises, good food and people to share it all with.

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  1. It was a lovely crafternoon and I am already enjoying my stitch markers.


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