Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas in Maple Grove

Our third and final family Christmas celebration of 2014 was with Mom, Roger, Jessy and Paul.  We started it off at Mom and Roger's in-home bar where we were treated to a robust tasting of whatever wine, spirit, beer or liqueur peaked our interest.  Paul was pretty thrilled with the whiskey offerings.  We tried one that tasted every bit like licking a cigar that had just made a long journey sandwiched between a horse and a saddle. In other words, it was interesting but not something I need to taste again.

There were a good amount of joint gifts given this year, so we practiced cooperative present opening.

We have decided putting Jessy in this giant gift bag is now an annual tradition.  Note to self, next year try to get this picture before all natural light is gone for the day. (To see last year's photo, scroll to the bottom of my 3 Christmases post.)

I also spent a good amount of time looking through old Christmas cards and photos. We found some pretty fun photos of Jessy and I when we were little and my eyeglasses were very big.

photo credit to Paul, didn't even see him with the camera!
We also shared a dinner together and my mom made her beloved (by me!) chocolate mint bars.  My mom has been making fewer varieties of Christmas cookies each year.  That is ok with me so long as the mint bars keep making an appearance.  Luckily for me, I adore them more than anyone there, so I am the one who got to take a stash home to put in the freezer for later!

And with that, Christmas 2014 is a wrap!

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