Sunday, April 24, 2016

Costa Rica Trip - San Jose

Once upon a time, my sister Jessy and I went to Costa Rica!

Our flight left WAYYYYY too early, so by the time we got to San Jose, Jessy was ready to imbibe and then we were both ready to crash. Our digs in San Jose shared a space with a yoga studio so we fell asleep that first night to the sounds of a relaxing yoga class taught in Spanish. Not a bad welcome at all!

We took our host up on her offer to let us join into a yoga class and took a class taught entirely in Spanish. It was surprisingly easy to catch on even though we didn't know most of the words. The tones, our past experience with yoga and a follow-the-leader approach helped us keep right up with the group.

Our home base in San Jose was in the Barrio Amon neighborhood of the downtown area. We shared our space with a few friendly cats who also enjoyed the courtyard.

View from outside the front door

We enjoyed the plethora of fruits and vegetables available at the markets and made some delicious meals in our kitchen.

We spent 2 nights in San Jose, so we had time to see some sights, but mostly we enjoyed walking all around looking at TONS of murals that covered the neighborhood.

Picture taken by Jessy

Stay tuned for more Costa Rica pictures!

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