Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016, so far.

Welcoming in the new year with friends and crafts is a time of year I look forward to. It is also a nice conclusion to the madness that is December. This year was no exception. A great group of friends came over bringing with them delicious food and their current craft project/s. We drank tea, snacked, crafted, joked, shared updates and generally had a great time together. 2016 was properly greeted, if you ask me.

2016 has been a significant year so far and it is only the end of February! Paul was gone almost the whole month of February. He took a long-planned trip to Australia. He and a friend had a great time exploring the mainland and Tasmania, with the trip culminating in scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef. Paul has been back for just a few days and is already plotting how and when he can go back to Tasmania. He didn't get his fill of all of the amazing hikes the island has to offer, so he wants a second chance.

While he was away, I held down the fort at home, taking care of the house and all of the animal family members. Another big thing happened while he was traveling,: I got a new job/promotion at my work! My day to day work life is a whole different thing now and is already challenging me in lots of great ways. All of the newness is tiring, so I took it easy this past weekend in order to be recharged for where I am headed at this very moment: COSTA RICA! I hope to have lots of photos and adventures to share when my sister Jessy and I get back.

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