Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Worker B

I haven't written much about this, but I have really, really sensitive skin. My skin is like my own personal canary in a coal mine. It is the first thing to let me know if I am not eating well, if I am stressed out or if I came into contact with something my body didn't like. It sounds the alarm pretty quickly if things are amiss. To be clear, when I say "sound the alarm" I mean I get rashes. Of course that means I have to be really careful with the clothing I wear and the products that I use on my skin. It is rare that I try a new product because most of the time it is just not worth the risk.

But, at this year's No Coast Craft-o-rama, I came across the Worker B booth. The woman who was running the booth is also one of the people who makes their hand crafted skin products. The information she was sharing about the ingredients, in terms of the benefits and their sourcing, were spot on with what I am into. For their full story, you can go here. I got to sample some of the product right then and there and, when the canaries did not die, I bought a lotion bar.

I didn't take a picture before I started using it, so I had to nab this one from their site. I have been using it faithfully since mid-December and have been so happy with it. I have even been using it on my eyelids. If that isn't proof of a good product for sensitive skin, I don't know what is!

My only complaint is that I only bought one and I wanted to have one at work and at home. So, I went to their site to see where I could get another one and ended up winning one from Affairs of Living. Lucky me! Now, of course, I want to get a small tin of balm so I can carry some with me in my bag and a lip gloss would be nice and I wonder what the scented lotion smells like....oh boy. I should also mention that the letterpress packaging thrills me. It is beautiful.

One important tongue-in-cheek tidbit I learned from the woman at the booth: all of the ingredients are food grade, so if you get stranded with your Worker B product, you can eat it! You can't say that about mass market lotions, no sir.

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  1. Thanks so much for the kudos! We're so happy it is helping you. My skin is my canary too.

    Liesa and Worker B!


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