Sunday, February 27, 2011

Twizzle Cardi

Hey! It has been far too long since I have posted about knitting, but that does not mean I haven't been knitting. It just means I haven't been taking pictures of the knitting. Well, let me correct that. It was mighty cold outside this weekend, so we had to take the pictures inside.

This is my version of the Rosamund's Cardigan. I finished the knitting long ago, but took a while to pick out the buttons and settle on the closures I wanted to use. Well, it is all done, blocked and has even been worn out of the house twice. It was definitely time to get this one documented. Ravelry project page: here.

The yarn was purchased at last year's Yarnover. That means it lingered in my stash less than a year before becoming a sweater! That feels nice. The yarn is Mountain Colors Twizzle, which is a silk and merino blend. It was delightful to knit with and only pooled a little bit.

My knitting group at Borealis helped select these buttons. They are made of shell and were from my random tin of buttons. I hope the rough edges of the shells don't fray the yarn too much!

I found the reversible cable to be beautiful and the bonus was that it was interesting to see how it takes shape during the knitting. (Psst....the trick to making it reversible is to use ribbing.) Cables are already thick, but when you add in the density of a ribbed cable, it becomes even more dense. The only thing I am not happy about with this sweater is how thick the fabric becomes when you overlap the two cable sections. It is a bit bulgy, especially on the bust section.

The pattern was written to show the reverse stockinette side as the right side but I preferred the stockinette side with this yarn. It was a simple thing to reverse, which I did while accounting for a slightly larger gauge and a slightly longer waist section than called for.

I also deviated from the pattern when it came to closures. The pattern said to use hooks and eyes to close the sweater below the buttons. I thought those would get snagged and/or come undone too easily, so I opted for snaps instead. My sewing in of the snaps was quite messy, but they seem to get the job done quite effectively.

This short sleeved, layering sweater seems to be a favorite of mine right now, as I am working on a Goodale and have a Lilas Cardigan in queue.

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  1. This cardigan looks absolutely amazing. I cannot believe it’s actually made by you. I mean, I could have sworn it was bought. I love that it has short sleeves and I simply adore the color. Nice work!


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