Monday, November 21, 2011

Back to the knitting: Magnus' Pants

What is this jumbly mess of knitting? Pants! Baby pants, to be specific.

The side: Once again, I lucked out at Hunt & Gather when it came to finding appropriate buttons. These pants button down the side of each leg, so I needed lots of buttons.

The front: I chose brown for the front knowing that the little one who will wear these will likely be crawling by the time he fits into them.

The back: The pattern was designed with a big back pouch to house a cloth-diapered baby bum.

I knit them out of a cotton/modal blend yarn for ease of washing and for comfort. But, I knew they weren't going to stay up on their own due to cotton's saggy tendency. The drawstrings were added to the pants to take care of that. Also, I expect that the drawstrings will help to extend the fit of these as they can grow with him for a while. I hope my friend Holly's little Magnus gets some good wear out of these!

1 comment:

  1. Your friends are very lucky that you are an amazing homemade gift giver when it comes to babes! WOW! Those are absolutely freakin' adorable!!!!!!


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