Thursday, November 24, 2011

Henry's Henry and Janes

Next up: Henry!

Henry is a month and a day old today, so he doesn't fit into these clothes just yet, but he should soon. I knit these before he was born, but only mailed them recently (I blame buttons. The buttons always delay delivery for me.). Friends Abby and Jeff waited until birth to find out if they have a son or a daughter, so I didn't know the name of the baby when I knit these. I was thoroughly amused when I found out they named him Henry. Why? The name of the vest pattern: Henry's Manly Cobblestone Inspired Vest.

I had yarn enough left over to make some matching booties for the vest.

The buttons for these came out of the stash. It is somewhat of a miracle to find a matching set of buttons in the jumble of buttons that make up my "collection".

Plus, did you notice? I have my very own labels! My friend Becky gave these to me a while ago and I finally remembered to use them. When I gave Holly Magnus's pants with a label on them, she joked that it was smart of me to do that so she can't take the credit for my work!

The yarn is a lovely, springy, hand-dyed cormo wool. I received this yarn as a gift from Susan at Juniper Moon Farm at the time where her farm was part Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm and part Hudson Valley Fiber Farm, so I am not sure who to attribute it to. I'll bet her current cormo is just as nice. The yarn arrived to help cheer me up during my moth fiasco. I've been holding on to it, waiting for the right project to come along. A knitter's baby is a deserving recipient for this special yarn.

Two asides:
First, I got to see Susan recently! She was in town on her trunk show tour. My mom and I met up at Amazing Threads to listen to Susan tell the abbreviated story of her fiber farming and yarn production journey. Susan is touring in support of her newly released Juniper Moon Farm yarn line. The yarns are all very nice, but I was especially smitten with Findley, the laceweight yarn. Merino and silk? Yes, please! Word is that a semi-solid Findley is on the way with the next season. Double yes.

Second, I am almost afraid to say it out loud, but I think we may have beat the moths. They are such jerkfaces and kept coming back. I went on an all-out assault mission over the last month (so. much. laundry.) and think I may have finally eliminated any spots that could harbor the vile pests. Luckily, the stash didn't experience much loss after the original discovery as I put it on lockdown. However, with dogs and a husband who didn't know better, the moths found other places to set up shop. It has been a long battle, since we moved these nasties from Boston with us over 3 years ago! Fingers crossed.

Welcome to the world, Henry! You have awesome parents, so let them get some sleep, okay?


  1. LOVE!!!! And I love that the pattern is "Henry" - perfect. I can't wait for him to be big enough to wear these gorgeous duds! THANK YOU BABE!!!

  2. i have been looking over your blog at lunch today and have come to the conclusion that you are the best knitted gift giver EVER!


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