Sunday, November 6, 2011

Violet's Vest

Baby Boom!

There have been a whole lot of new lives coming to be in my circle lately. When there are new babies, there must be baby knitwear!

Jamie and Adam's Violet was an early, early arrival, so even though she is technically 5 months old, it didn't seem too late for her arrival gift.

At the retreat I went to recently, we got a little tutorial on embellishing knits with crochet, so I figured I would give it a try on this vest.

The knitting of this vest took a fraction of the time that finding the right buttons did. On a simple knit like this, you gotta really love the buttons. I had a few options from my button stash, but none of them seemed happy enough. I finally made a trip to Hunt & Gather, my favorite local button source, to take a dive into their vintage button mound. I ended up finding buttons for all 3 of the baby projects I had brought with me.

Jamie received this vest as the "decoration" on top of her birthday gift. It was a surprise even though she had told me before she got pregnant that if she had another baby, she would love for me knit this vest for her baby. Check!

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