Monday, May 14, 2012

Shepherd's Harvest Fiber Festival: In Photos


  1. Nice! Sorry I didn't bump into you there. What a spectacular Minnesota weekend.

  2. I went on Sunday, it was fabulous!
    Spent way to much,but great stuff.
    I looked for you, though.
    Take care, Casey

  3. Great photos, as always! Interesting compositions!

  4. Hi Gale! I knew you were there since I saw that you were the judge for the photo competition. I kept my eye out for you, but didn't see you either. I hope your class went well!

    Casey, What a great way to spend Mother's Day! I was there on Saturday. I thought you would have headed to the island by now, so I didn't think to look for you there. Looking forward to seeing what you got!

    The weather was absolutely perfect! We were fortunate to have such a lovely weekend.


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