Tuesday, May 1, 2012

10 Years!

Paul and I are married, but we place a bigger emphasis on the anniversary of the start of our relationship then we do of our wedding date.  A few weeks ago, we marked 10 years of  coupledom.  To celebrate our anniversary we, of course, sought out some good food.  We had signed up for a cooking class, which ended up being cancelled the day before. Fortunately, we had no trouble coming up with a great back-up plan.

We ate dinner at Grand Cafe.  The meal was delicious, from the fondue appetizer (including smoked white asparagus!), to the entree (I tried a poached egg for the first time and liked it!), to the truffles for dessert (just the right size!).

From there, we went to the Open Eye Figure Theater to see the closing night of an adult puppet show.  We used to live in an apartment above the theater, so it was fun to go back to our old neighborhood.  And, I am a fan of puppet shows, especially ones intended for adult audiences.

We were supplied with binoculars as some of the performances included tiny puppets.
 The real standout of the show for us were the Murder Ballads by the Rough House Puppet Theatre.  They came from Chicago to take part in the 6th annual Toy Theater After Dark Festival.  The puppeteers in this troupe were talented in the ways of puppets and were great singers.  Paul and I really enjoyed their portion of the show and commend them on how polished their performance came across.

Another part of the show worth highlighting was Natalie by Little Blue Moon Theatre. The Natalie show required the use of binoculars to see the action, which was a fun quirk.  The show takes place on a miniature stage in which the paper puppets and sets slide in and out while a narrator takes you through the risque story.

I'll spare you the mushy, gushy stuff, but I do need to say that I am sure happy to have Paul as my partner.  So happy, in fact, that I baked him a giant batch of one of his favorite cookies, Banana Chocolate Chip with Candied Ginger, to express my love.

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