Tuesday, February 12, 2013


We have a new restaurant in our neighborhood! Parka is 3 weeks old, so it was about time Paul and I ventured over to check it out.  The menu is sparse when it comes to descriptions of the dishes, so it was a fun surprise to see the plates all gussied up when they came to us.  We sat at the counter by the cooks so we got a good view of the elaborate and quirky plating (MN shaped platters, soup presented in chicken pitchers).

Paul got the fish fry. His fish was plated with a ton of flavorful creams, sauces and garnishes.  We think the clear gel was grapefruit and we know for sure there were dehydrated jalapeno slices and charred cucumber spears. $12!

I got the kale salad.  The kale salad was a take on a waldorf salad, so it had a mayo based dressing.  Some of the kale had been seared, which made it a bit crispy and toasty tasting.  The other toppings included grapes, humboldt fog cheese and thinly sliced apples.  It was super satisfying and well priced at $8.

Parka is co-located with a fun home furnishings store called Forage Modern Workshop.  We headed over to peruse their goods but not before finishing the meal with a Gray Duck Chai and a ginger cookie. I was excited to see that they had birch hooks from The Vermont Branch Company in stock at Forage.  I nabbed one so that the towel by our back door (for dirty dog feet) finally has a proper place to hang!

Paul and I are happy to have a new restaurant in our neighborhood.  We will be adding it to our list of options when we want to treat ourselves and/or are too lazy to cook.  I hope they continue to devote menu space to at least 2 good vegetarian items.

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  1. That squirrel canister is too cute! Next time I'm in MN we'll have to check this place out, it sounds lovely.


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