Friday, February 22, 2013

Pumpkin Pie Spice

You know what's really easy?  Making your own pumpkin pie spice.

When I went to bake a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Loaf on Saturday morning, I found that I was nearly out of pumpkin pie spice mix.  Having just gone to the grocery store the night before, I was not very happy with myself for missing an essential ingredient.  My plan was to bake the loaf to share with my Aunt Rita during her visit later that afternoon. Thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet, I quickly found a DIY version, scaled it down to 1/3 the recipe and still had plenty of time to get the loaf baked and ready for consumption alongside tea and a hefty dose of chatting. My only mistake was not sending some of the loaf home with her!  I am powerless in the face of baked goods and have ate a large portion of it by myself!

(Oops!  After I wrote this post, I realized that I actually needed the pumpkin spice mix for the pumpkin granola I was also making.  It was a busy weekend in the kitchen, full of pumpkin and spice!)

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  1. I know what I am baking this weekend. Even though I am not much of a pumpkin person, I am a sucker for granola. Our friend will benefit from the pumpkin bread. How's Jack, today? Bailey is, also, 14 and sleeps alot, too. Our bed is HER bed.. along with her canine companions..Della 12 and Riley 2..She can still outrun Riley, the Lab mix, up the stairs. She has had her two ACL's replaced a few years ago, so I guess you can say our Whippet has bionic knees....Sending hugs to Jack.


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