Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pillows and Boxes: A Pet Update

Fanny is still finding her way into every vessel large enough to house her body.  It is very convenient that every delivery we receive comes packaged in a cat toy!

Tchazo and Jack are most often found conserving their body heat and resting their old bones on their shared bed.  Jack is showing his age these days with severe arthritis, hearing and vision impairments and inexplicable sores.  I am continually mindful of his quality of life and feel it soon may be his time to depart this world.  It makes me sad, but he has certainly lived a long life (at least 15 years so far; nearly 11 of which have been with me!).  For now, Tchazo is soaking up lots of the time with Jack serving as his pillow on the pillow.


  1. Love that photo of Jack & Tchazo!!

  2. Sending lots of love to Jack (and everyone else, too). :)

  3. Great photo of Jack & Tchazo. Sending hugs to Jack.


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