Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sew FO: Cambie Dress

Hello!  I sewed something! It took almost a year, but it is done!  It has actually been done a few times.  I've gone back and adjusted a few things to improve it.  Now, I think it is done for real so I am ready to share it with you!

This is the Cambie dress by Sewaholic.  I sewed the full skirt version in a lightweight voile fabric.  The dress is fully lined in a thin cotton fabric, which helps the full skirt version have a little less volume in the end.

Invisible zipper!

 Gathered sleeves!  Bust darts!

An interfacing supported waist band and some more gathering!

I haven't ever sewn a garment from a pattern, so this was a challenge.  I took a class at a shop to help me work through it and am now encouraged to sew more clothes.

I'd like to walk you through some more features:

It is curtsy friendly.

 Ready for modest spinning.

Enjoys being paired with bright colors.

All in all, this is a really comfortable and cute dress.  It is so far on the cute scale that I won't wear this as an everyday dress, but it is a fun one to have around.  I am thinking of making this again in a slightly heavier fabric in the fitted version.  Maybe I will even pick a color outside of the turquoise family :)

Oh, and since I plan to sew more clothes, I've joined My Sewing Circle to keep track of my projects.  The site is a little rough around the edges, but I am hopeful it will keep improving.  It has the potential to be a Ravelry for sewing!  Feel free to connect with me there (My username is TrinKnitty)!


  1. This is gorgeous! So talented!!!

  2. I've stumbled across this from searching for cambie inspiration as I've just ordered the pattern. I must say, this is probably the best one I've seen so far and there are a LOT of great versions out there! The colour and pattern of the fabric is beautiful, it fits wonderfully and you've accessorised it very well! I love it!

    1. Thank you, Janey! You are very kind! I wish you luck on your version as well.

  3. It's a very pretty dress ! Love the fabric too !


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