Monday, July 8, 2013

Dehydrated Watermelon

Around my region, it is still a bit too early for locally grown melons.  But, when Paul's mom passed on a supermarket one that was leftover from a party, I was happy to have it.  It was a taste of what is yet to come later this summer.

Paul is not a fan of watermelon, so I knew it would be on me to figure out how to use it before it spoiled.  I cut up half of it for my lunches last week and then put the other half in the dehydrator.

Oh my!  I wasn't sure how it would turn out since watermelon is mostly water, but it was amazing!  I removed the rind and sliced the watermelon about 1/4" thick.  I dried it without adding anything but I later read that some people like to salt the watermelon before they dry it for a salty sweet treat.

The end result was a cross between a fruit leather and a watermelon chip.  And, the watermelon candy!

For health reasons I am limiting my diet right now and processed sugars are one of the things I am cutting down to almost nothing.  This watermelon has been satisfying my sugar cravings all week long.  I will most certainly be making more of this ASAP!

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  1. One of my favorite ways to use up watermelon is in an agua fresca: Just add watermelon, lime juice, some water, maybe some basil or mint to a blender and let it whirl. Super refreshing on a hot summer day!


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