Monday, July 29, 2013

Foraging for Mulberries

On a lunchtime walk with a coworker, we came upon some squishy ground and a lightbulb immediately went off.  I looked up and sure enough: MULBERRIES!  This tree is on public property, so I made a mental note to swing on by when I had a container with me.

That Friday, I left work and it was beautiful outside.  A quick call to Sarah, an invite for spontaneous fun, a stop by the bathroom to wash out lunch containers and we were on our way (by bike!) to get some mulberries.

The tree is pretty tall, so we could only reach a small amount of them.  Picking mulberries is tricky!  For everyone one that you get in your container 3 or 4 fall on the ground.  I know the trick is to lay out a tarp under the tree, but spontaneous pickers don't tend to carry around large tarps :)

We did get enough for a few servings of granola, yogurt and mulberries.

I hope to catch that tree at the right time next year so I can do the tarp/tree shaking harvest method and get a better yield.  I love free fruit!


  1. I'm 99% sure that the trees over our parking spot are mulberries. They're on the apartment property and nobody does anything with them; I'm happy to vouch for your presence if you ever want to harvest.

    1. Sold! I am having visions of how this should go....we could set out a huge tarp and then sit in lawn chairs, knit and drink something lovely while the wind harvests the fruit for us!


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