Monday, August 26, 2013

About Town

I am entering one of my busy phases at work, which means I use up all of my words during the day.  
In lieu of lots of words, I have a few sights from around town to share and a few words to go with them.

Post Softball BBQ Breakfast Locale

Lake Nokomis

Soaking up this hot weather with visits to the lake.  Last week included a  bike ride and a beach picnic with my mom.

Bella Lana, a beautiful yarn store in NE Minneapolis, will be closing in a few days.  We made a stop there over the weekend to check out the sale and visit the shop dogs one last time.


Lean into it

Sunday (and today for that matter) was HOT.  We had high hopes for productivity around the house with dehydrating, beer brewing, laundry washing, etc...until the power went out.  My yarn and I headed out to enjoy an iced chai and some bonding time at Butter Bakery while the car boiled in the parking lot.

After working on the same sweater All. Summer. Long. I started a new project.  I needed some fresh yarn in my knitting world to get excited about it again.  I will still finish my Paulina but for now I have shifted focus to Madigan.

Then, I went home to find the power had come back on and gone out again.  Since neither of us felt like letting the cold out of the fridge, we decided to treat ourselves to momos.  I love momos.


  1. Speaking of momos - It's dumpling week on NPR! :)

  2. Yippee! Momos! Also, great yarn choice.


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