Sunday, August 11, 2013

Open Streets Minneapolis in Longfellow

My street got some major love today in the form of Open Streets.  The whole stretch (about 2.5 miles) was closed to motorized traffic and filled with people on foot, bikes, skateboards, blades and probably a few other modes of travel as well.  There were tons of things to enjoy along the way, but the novelty of having the street free of cars was the major selling point.

We invited friends Arturo and Sam and their daughter Penelope to join us for a day of exploring and playing.  Tchazo got to come along, too!

Dunk tank!

Dancing in the street! Penelope and her dad above and with her mom below.  Tap dancing was a big hit!

A very kind person in the insurance booth offered Tchazo a bit of refreshment.  Bottled water out of a cup...he better not get too used to that.

Sam and I got chair massages!

It was the first time I have ever had a massage to live music.  It was a great experience and reminded me that I should really schedule a massage at their studio sometime soon.

When we got too hungry and hot to keep going, we headed to our back deck for lunch.  Paul made us some delicious pizzas.

We had salad with a lot of ingredients from our garden, too!

Penelope was quite taken with Paul's pizza cutting show.

 After a little dessert and post-lunch hula hooping, we said goodbye to Arturo, Sam and Penelope.  Since there was still a lot more to see, Paul and I hopped on our bikes to make the full loop of the event.

Paul wore the Beez Kneez bike helmet so I could get a photo for the photo bingo contest (fingers crossed...I want to win the raffle!).  Ella from E's Emporium is the waiving in the picture.  Her shop is awesome!

We made a stop at the Harriet Brewing Taproom for a drink and a bit of relaxing in the shade.  Paul enjoyed a beer while I ate my scoop of custard from Mosaic Cafe.

And then, before we knew it, the cops were making the sweep down the street, reclaiming it for the cars.  I hope this event returns next year.  It was awesome to stroll the neighborhood, bump into friends and celebrate our local businesses. Hooray for Longfellow!

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