Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mill City Farmers' Market

At least once each summer I like to go the Mill City Farmers' Market and indulge in breakfast, sampling and a bit of shopping. The location of this market is stunning, the vendors pull out all of the stops for their booth displays and the goods are top notch.

The shaded section of the market is quite comfortable even on a hot and sunny morning.

Paul and his hash:


This year, beyond enjoying a delicious breakfast, I came away with a watermelon (for dehydrating), loose leaf tea (Mrs. Kelly's), shitake mushrooms (probably my favorite variety of mushroom), tiny grapes (so flavorful), peach focaccia sweet bread and I ordered a dress from Sassy Knitwear.  How I managed to leave that market without buying cheese is amazing to me.  Maybe I need to go back again before the season ends.

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  1. I really need to make an effort to make it to that market, it looks so beautiful!


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