Tuesday, December 31, 2013

3 Christmases

I had barely caught my breath from the birthday celebrations before we were moving full force into Christmas!  But, I should be used to that by now as it happens like that every year!

salt candles, with soy tea lights, a birthday present from my Mom
Paul and I hosted the first gathering, which was a small Christmas Eve celebration with my dad, sister Jessy and her boyfriend Fabrizio.

Jessy dressed for the occasion!

My dad drove in from Wisconsin, looking like he fits right in in the backwoods of Wisconsin with all of that facial hair! :)

My family has always been keen on wrapping presents with what is on hand.  We call it "family wrap", which usually means newspaper.  This year, we received our gifts in a different sort of family wrap: empty beer boxes from the hunting party that had just stayed at my dad's house. It did make for a good way to transport and deliver our gifts of canned goods (homemade maple syrup: Jackpot)!  My grandma sent Paul and I 5 pounds of honey from a farm in Wisconsin for Christmas, so we have a really well stocked pantry when it comes to these precious sweeteners!

And then....on to the next one! Paul's sister's family brought their new addition, a super cute boxer puppy.  Joanne and Clarence both seemed to enjoy meeting him.

Presents, presents and more presents!  I think everyone was quite happy with their haul.

I share this photo both because Paul was happy about getting a gift card to the homebrew store and because he is wearing the sweater I knit him 5 years ago!  It is a super heavy, bulky, warm one, so it doesn't make an appearance very often.

Wait!  That's not it!  There was one more!

Cinco kept watch over our shoes at my mom's house while we ate a delicious lasagne and salad meal.  On fancy china!  With gold silverware!  My mom likes it fancy :)

And, of course, we opened more presents!

Including the best present of all: time with this goofy family of mine.

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!  And, I think it might be time for a nap.  Or a workout.

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