Tuesday, December 17, 2013


More knitting!  Adult-sized knitting!

Since I am being super vigilant about the yarn I work with after getting my allergy test results, I was really excited that I had recently bought this yarn.  Here is the official blurb about it:
Allegoro, part of the Verde Collection, is a blend of organically grown cotton and linen. In keeping with its mostly earth-friendly fiber content, Allegoro is dyed using GOTS certified non-toxic dyes.
Sadly this yarn is now discontinued.  When I bought these purple skeins, I also bought a handful of yellow skeins, so I will get to work with it at least once more. Anyway, on to the finished object...

This is Gemini.  This garment is designed to be reversible, which is pretty fun. It is a free pattern from Knitty.  I toyed with the idea of making it a tunic, but I ripped it back since I was going to be short on yarn and thought perhaps this would be a bit too clingy to be flattering as a tunic.  In the end, I think I ended up following the pattern as written.

I am happy with the length I settled on.  This tee is very similar to my Buttercup, which I wear a lot.  Like with the Hempathy yarn I used for Buttercup, I expect Allegoro to soften more as it wears.  It is a bit coarse to start out with.  Not so much so that I didn't like knitting with it, though.  I found it comfortable to knit and the simplicity of the pattern made for good travelling knitting on my trip to Chicago.

Even though this is considered reversible, I think I am likely to stick with keeping the openwork part in the front.  I guess I like my garments to be a party in the front and business in the back, AKA the opposite of a mullet.

I am sensing a theme around this blog lately: wrinkly garments.  I guess that is how it goes when you are using linen and hemp and cotton.  They are much more kind to the skin but they sure aren't "wrinkle-free."

Hooray for F.O.s!  I am working on wrapping up a lot of projects by the end of the year, so there will be more F.O. posts to come soon!

Link to my project on Ravelry.

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