Sunday, February 23, 2014

A Versatile Cowl

I am working on finishing up two sweater projects, but needed something smaller to knit on the go.  Enter: Yellow Brick Road and Inca Organic Cotton.

In the few days since I added the buttons to this cowl, I have enjoyed playing with different ways to wear it.  It is versatile and reversible!  Thanks to Paul for taking the 3 photos above.

The buttons are from Treadle Yard Goods and had originally been purchased for a sweater I have since given away.  I had 4 of them on hand but needed a 5th one to finish the cowl.  I bought them a long time ago (2 years?)  so I wasn't sure I was going to be able to get one more.  It was a close call; I bought the 2nd to last one they had!

Fanny thinks this is a cozy cowl, too.  I found her napping on it when it was still a work in progress.  I enjoyed working with this yarn and think I will likely make another project out of it.  It is really comforting to knit with organic cotton that hasn't been dyed.  That is one way to make sure my allergies won't be bothered: just remove most of the variables!

Ravelry project here

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