Thursday, February 6, 2014

Feel the Churn

Creativity is an asset when it comes to maintaining sanity through a Minnesota winter.  Thanks to PopSodaWalker Art Center, friends Missy and Jill, as well as a whole room full of other playful souls for bringing fun and energy into an otherwise grey and wintry evening last week.

We started with jars of heavy cream.

We added a dj and an awesomely clad organizer from the Walker.

...And a similarly awesomely clad aerobics instructor in front of a projected film of dairy cows.

Our dj and our instructor led us through a lot of shake-filled aerobics to thematically appropriate songs.

All that shaking resulted in containers full of butter and buttermilk!

We tasted our lightly salted butter on some delicious bread from Sun Street Breads and were allowed to take the rest home.

I ended up baking a caramel peach grunt with the buttermilk and shared it at my sister-in-law's birthday lunch.  The butter has been being consumed in one of the best ways possible: thickly spread on sourdough bread.

If you have never made your own butter, I suggest you try it out.  It is a lot of fun!  Shake, shake, shake!


  1. We just rec'd 4 inches of snow with a layer of ice on top and more is on the way this weekend. Looks like I will be doing some shaking this weekend. This is a great idea.

  2. This event looks amazing! What fun! It's not quite the same (no shaking), but I'm hoping to make my own paneer this weekend. Hooray for dairy-themed winter fun!

  3. Love this so much! Such a Minnesota thing to do--kind of like broomball. Anything to get through winter!


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