Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Family Highlights

Oh, goodness!  I just sorted through memory cards with over 500 pictures of our chickens to find the non-chicken photos that I am so belated in posting.  Note to self: maybe a few less pictures of chickens, ok?  In non-chicken related news, spring has been full of family time, artsy events, gardening and hope for a better summer than I had last year.  So far that wish is coming true!

After brunch on Mother's Day, it came to light that neither my sister nor I came out of our childhoods knowing how to double dutch.  We are both skilled at the kind of rope jumping that is limited to one rope.  Throw a second one in there and we were out of our leagues.  When my mom found this out, she vowed to teach us.  A spool of rope out of the garage, a pile of shed shoes and socks, a lesson from Mom and a short time later, we were double dutching!  Paul, too!  In fact, Paul showed us all up with a stellar first attempt.

We thought it might be nice to get a photo of my sister and I with our mom.  Apparently, Cinco thought it necessary to moon the camera!

Paul, our photographer, noticed right away and let us know of the feline photo bomb.  Cinco didn't stick around long but she left us all laughing at her excellent timing.

Another example of great timing, was one of the two pictures I took at Easter.  Umm...well, I guess it is a group shot.  Everyone was looking off into the distance where Uncle Bill saw a bald eagle's nest.

Here is the second one!  Aunt Marion and cousin Hannah are even steven!

I managed to find other photos mixed in with all of those chicken pictures, so I will post again soon!

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  1. Forgot all about Double Dutch. I loved that. Not sure about my jump rope skills, thinking I should round up some girlfriends and we can try it again. I am sure my Husband is rolling his eyes right now. Thanks for bringing back some great memories.


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