Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Puppy and Kitten Visits

You know what is really fun?  Puppies and kittens!

A few friends have taken on some new family members recently and I got to meet them while they are still itty bitty.

Meet Matt's Leeloo:

Leeloo came over for a visit not long after we lost Tchazo.  It lifted our spirits to have some doggie play time at our house.  She was enamored with our toy basket, so I think she enjoyed the visit, too.  Her visit also served as a timely reminder of how much work puppies are!  We had gotten really used to our geriatric dogs and had sort of forgotten how much attention a puppy needs.  We will get there eventually, but we aren't ready to take that on again quite yet.

And Sally's Harriet, too!  Harriet is FULL of energy.  We tried to tire her out before taking these pictures but she still had some steam left, as you can see.

I even made Harriet a toy to work off that kitten energy, but alas her energy was still in full display as she wriggled and flailed to get free!

Mouse pattern
Ravelry project


  1. Leeloo is darling. And that is still an accurate representation of me trying to hold Harriet.

  2. What a lovely bull terrier pup! And mostly solid colour like Leeloo's is unusual. Harriet, of course, is adorable.


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