Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Wiksten Dress

After finishing the Wiksten Tank and not loving it, I decided to give the pattern another go.  This time I  made the dress version with a much lighter fabric.

I was happy about how much faster it went this time.  It helps to be familiar with the pattern.  I also think I am getting more confident in my sewing skills and pattern deciphering.  I sped along pretty quickly and finished this in 2 sessions.

The fact of the matter is that this pattern still creates a very sack-like shape, which I only like when it is belted or drawn in with a jacket or bolero.  I am glad I made it again, but I don't think it will be a go-to pattern for me going forward.  I think of this as a good stepping stone for some of the more fitted patterns I would like to make in the future.

I was glad to have more practice binding edges.  I obviously need even more practice! I ended up employing a bit of creative problem solving (sewing the neck down with 2 lines of stitching instead of one) when it didn't lay that nicely after the first pass.

I think the neckline turned out fine in the end.  I love the colors in this fabric and the dress is certainly comfortable.

I wore it out to our anniversary dinner a few weeks ago.

Paul took most of the photos in this post that day except for this lovely one that I took to commemorate our 12 year anniversary:

Ha! It was kind of bright out and it hurt my eyes.


  1. What a cool dress! I love the whole "ensem" with the jacket and the boots and tights! Totally fun! You are very talented. Spoonriver, I take it, for the dinner out? Hope it was great!


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