Sunday, February 28, 2016

A White Christmas

Oops! Had a few more posts from December that I didn't write up and publish. As I'm trying to get things wrapped up before I head off to lovely Costa Rica, I thought it a good time to get them on the blog!

By late December, we still hadn't seen much snow in Minneapolis. On the drive up to rural Wisconsin, it went from a day with no snowfall to a lovely, thick snowfall. The turning point in the weather seemed to match up with the potty and cheese break we usually take at the Burnett County Dairy Cooperative.

By the time we got near to my dad's house, all of the trees were flocked and stunningly beautiful.

We mostly enjoyed staying in by the fire, but ventured out to play with the kitties and go for walks, too.

Our Christmas season is usually comprised of 3-4 family events, so after our winter wonderland visit, we returned to the city to participate in the rest of the gatherings.

There were no shortage of gifts, but I liked that this year's haul included an emphasis on experiences over things.

Christmas fell close enough to my birthday this year that I took a little extra time off to make it a nice extended break. I got to put some of my gifts to use right away like this julienne peeler from my mom.

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