Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Wherein I Can't Stop Talking About the Mountains

I wonder if my friend Becky ever tired of me talking about the mountains that surround Salt Lake City when I visited her last month. It is her hometown, so she sees them everyday. I am sure some of their magnificence is muted for her. But, oh my, they are stunning!

Everywhere you go, there they are just hanging out in the backdrop beside the highway,

When you park your car.

While you wait at a stoplight.

Even the airport background is so pretty it looks fake!

Ok, but the mountains were not my reason for the visit. I was in town to spend time with my good friend Becky and her son Charlie and to meet her stepchildren Grace and Jack as well as meet her new husband Kyle.

Our annual visits usually happen during a trip we are both taking, so it was a new treat to partake in some of her family life. Our catching-up time was especially needed since we were both on other big trips in the fall last year and missed our visit with each other.

Becky is an aerialist and shared some of that part of her life with me when we went to a showcase at a recently opened aerial gym. It was really inspiring to see the physical strength and athleticism the aerialist in the show possessed. I am vowing to improve my upper body strength!

I visited Salt Lake City a handful of years ago, so this time we took a more mellow approach to sightseeing. We went to a cider brewery and the Red Rock Brewery,

Santa wasn't in, but we got to sit in his chair anyway.

If you visit Salt Lake, you should go to Ruby Snap because you do want her cookies.

My visit was shortly before Christmas, so Temple Square was in full holiday swing. It was super cold, but we braved it to see the lights.

It was a mob scene there so we had to park really far away. After the walk to the square and our time around the square, we were all really cold and dreading the walk back to the car. Becky had the brilliant idea of jumping into a pedicab. When our driver zippered that plastic case up around us, I nearly said "hallelujah!"

And, before I knew it, the weekend visit was over and I was on a plane back home!

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