Monday, February 29, 2016

Feeling the Birthday Love

Way back in December, I was treated to a series of birthday treats, celebrations and events. The weekend showed me once again how fortunate I am to have people in my life who set aside time to celebrate with me.

It started with yoga, baked goods and a sushi lunch with my mom.

It included dinner out with Jamie and Sylvia.

And, of course, a day of Paul-planned surprises. I awoke to flowers and a vegetarian eggs benedict, salad and twice baked potato.

After breakfast, Paul, Uli and I headed out to a dog park we had never been to before.

Uli loved it and it was fun for us humans to have some new paths to explore.

From there, we went to the Science Museum for an Omnitheater movie about whales. Its a fun place to visit and the lobby is full of interactive displays.

The musical stairs are always a day-brightener, too!

I may or may not have eaten a birthday lunch that was centered around guacamole. So. Good.

After a stop home to drop Uli off (he napped in the car during the museum and lunch) and to open some presents (I got a juicer!), we went out to dinner.

Nicollet Island Inn, our dinner location this time was a bit of old school classy. While we were sitting at dinner, a horsedrawn carriage went past the window!

As has become customary, we asked for someone to take a picture of us and expected it to look wonky as it has in year's past. This one wasn't too terrible!

Then, just last week, one of the birthday gifts I was given happened! Lately, I have been into giving and receiving gifts that are more focused on shared experiences. My mom honored that with an awesome jewelry making class that we took together.

We got to learn a lot of skills including how to solder. My mom was a little skeptical but she shouldn't have been. Her skills were great and her project turned out just how she wanted!

Sarah of Quench Jewelry Arts was a great teacher and kept out class moving along on pace, so we all finished the night with our own fidget/spinner rings. Mine is on the top and my mom's is on the bottom of this photo:

What a lucky birthday girl I was!

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